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Spring Flower Share


Bringing spring blooms into your home is one of the best ways to celebrate the end of a long, dreary winter. With our Spring Flower Share, you will receive four weeks of the most spectacular fluffy blooms all wrapped up into an amazing bespoke bouquet ready to be put in a vase and enjoyed. Here at our farm we do NOT grow boring flowers, so don't worry about getting a bouquet that you could have bought at the supermarket. Rare double tulips, fluffy peony-like daffodils, huge pastel-colored anemones, Italian Ranunculus, and fragrant white lilac are just some of the flowers that will make their way into your bouquet each week. Spring is our favorite season around here, and we celebrate it by growing only the very best.

Our Flower Share is offered in the CSA model - you pay the full price of all four bouquets up front, which allows us to have the funds we need at the start of our season to purchase much needed supplies like compost, organic fertilizer, seeds for summer, and drip tape. And then in the spring (usually min-April) we give you the first and most spectacular flowers that bloom. We always save the very best and most special flowers for our Flower Share customers - we could not run this farm without you!

Here’s what you’re getting:

Four weeks of flowers. That’s one large bouquet each week, full of flowers grown here at Petal Pink, wrapped in Kraft paper and ready to go. Each week you pick up your bouquet at one of several pick-up locations in Eugene, Springfield, or Harrisburg/Junction City. We are still nailing down the details on our pick-up locations but will do our best to have them in easy-access spots for all our customers.

Here’s how it works:

Purchase your flower share. (These make awesome gifts for the flower lover in your life or for the person who already has everything. If I wasn’t a flower farmer I’d be SUPER excited to get a flower subscription for Christmas! OR you could share a subscription with a friend and alternate weeks.) Fill out the order form to give us your contact information and let us know where you’d like to pick up your bouquets. (This will help direct us as we finalize pick-up spots.)

Within a few days you will receive an email confirmation and welcome letter verifying that you are a Spring Flower Share Member. If you selected that you are giving this Flower Subscription as a gift, your welcome letter can be given to the person you are gifting it to as a gift certificate of sorts (don’t worry - it will be pretty).

In early spring you will receive an email with specific details on where to get your bouquets and when the flower share will begin. Our educated guess is that this Flower Share will begin in mid-April, but Mother Nature is the boss of these things, so we don’t make any start date promises until we are sure. Then on the specified date, head to your pick-up spot and get your bouquet!

As always, if you have any questions about our Spring Flower Share please head to the contact page and get in touch with Heather. We’re so very excited for spring and hope you are too!

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