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Florists & Designers

We have your work in mind with every variety we choose to grow here on the farm. We would love to work with you on your next project or help stock your flower shop with freshly harvested, unique, local blooms. Click here to see a list of the varieties we're growing this season and when they should be available. Our weekly wholesale email will begin going out in April for the 2019 season - contact Heather to sign up and to find out about our delivery schedule to Eugene and Springfield.

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Have an upcoming event and a limited budget? Our DIY buckets may be the perfect solution. Each bucket contains focal blooms, filler flowers, and foliage freshly cut from the farm - everything you need to create gorgeous arrangements. With this option you get the very best of what is blooming at the farm, harvested one or two days before your event, fully conditioned and ready to work with. Visit our DIY Bucket FAQ page for details.

Diy Bucket Frequently Asked Questions

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Will a DIY bucket work for my event?

If you are flexible when it comes to what flowers and colors you receive, and you like the organic, less structured look that comes with fresh local flower, then YES a DIY bucket will work for you! We cut flowers that are at their peak a day or two before your event, and each week’s offerings are different here on the farm.


How many flowers will I get and what do they cost?

One bucket contains 50-70 stems of freshly cut flowers and foliage. This will fill approximately 6-8 mason jars, depending on the style in which you arrange them. Flowers are “grower’s choice” meaning we do not accommodate strict color palettes, though we will try to work within some color parameters if possible (for example “pastels” or “autumn hues”). Each bucket costs $85 and the bucket is included - no need to bring your own.

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How do I purchase a bucket?

Ordering DIY buckets is a three step process. First, fill out the DIY bucket request form below to indicate the date of your event and how many buckets of flowers you want. After reviewing our flower availability, we will contact you via email to confirm your order. At this point you will be asked for a 50% deposit to hold your flowers on your chosen date. Finally, a few days before your event, come to the farm to pick up your flowers. The balance of your order is due upon flower pick up at our farm in Eugene. We do NOT offer delivery of DIY buckets. Be sure to plan ahead - summers are busy on the farm and it is not uncommon for us to sell out of blooms on popular wedding weekends!

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What else do I need to know?

We recommend booking your DIY buckets at least one month in advance of your event. Buckets are available July - September.

Specific flowers (such as dahlias, sunflowers, tulips, etc.) can be purchased separately at a per-stem price when in season and available.

We will provide you with care and handling instructions for your flowers at the time of pick-up. Cancellations MUST be made 1 month before your event in order to receive a refund of your deposit. We LOVE DIY-ers and are excited to help you with your event!

DIY Bucket Request Form

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