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Meet the Flowers

At Petal Pink Flower Farm we are committed to growing unique and beautiful flowers without harming the soil or the creatures that live here. We use organic practices and never put chemicals on anything. Our children run through these fields, and we breathe in the dirt while cultivating the soil. We eat honey made by the bees pollinating our blooms. Our customers handle the stems and bury their noses in their petals. You never have to worry about our flowers containing yucky ingredients - we promise.

We grow special flowers


We put a lot of thought into the varieties and colors of flowers grown here on the farm. Heather's sons have lovingly described her as "picky in a good way," and this applies to our flower offerings. We specialize in heirloom varieties - blooms and colors that are hard to find, especially locally, that are fragrant, or that have unique color or texture. Each seed and plant has been chosen with an eye to current floral trends as well as varieties with long stems and excellent vase life.

Local blooms for the win

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We firmly believe that buying local flowers is better - for the environment, for our community, for the quality of your design work, and for the consumer. Many varieties of flowers do not like being packed in a box and flown across the world - locally grown flowers never have to put up with that. Flowers grown near you are healthier, happier, more fragrant, and come in a much wider variety than imported flowers. Local flowers are the freshest flowers you can buy, often having been harvested the morning of the day you purchase them. When you buy flowers from Petal Pink, you help support our family, put money back into our community, and get the very best quality flowers possible.